About us


We are an expert in nutrition and your personal trainer. It is a connection of long-term experience of nutrition specialists and knowledge verified by practice of the best professional trainers in order to help you live healthy.


It will create a specific tailored eating plan derived from the input values provided by you. If you follow it, we guarantee that you will see the results within a few days.

  • We will help you lose or gain weight.
  • You will shape your ideal figure and will look younger and fresher.
  • You will get into your peak physical condition and your life will be more positive.
  • All of this is available in the comfort of your home and with provable results.


For everyone.

  • For those who never have time to exercise.
  • For those who consider personal trainers expensive and useless.
  • For those who have nobody to consult with.
  • For all of those who want to live an active and healthy life.

It absolutely doesn't matter whether you are woman or man, old or young, athlete or coach potato. We have plan tailored for everyone.


Because the whole system of tailored eating plans was created with the close cooperation with professional nutrition specialists.

Before getting the personalized results, the details provided by you will be processed by 6 algorithms designed to create a unique plan adaptable to every physiological type of human. All of that for a special price of 29.90 $.


Only with the MEAL-EXPERT you can be sure that you will always get an eating plan that considers the real needs of your body and was approved by professional trainers.

Try to create your own eating plan. You can get to the peak physical condition you dream about more easily with us.

6 algorithms on which our eating plans are based did not originate in the theoretical basis only. They were created by our two specialist trainers. Their knowledge obtained during their hard work and long practice was invaluable during the development of the whole process. We plan to carry on using their experience and they will contribute with their advice and tips in the News section that will soon appear on our website.


The first of our three consultants is Tomas Macek. Tomas lives in Abu Dhabi now where he trains police and military forces. With Tomas you can be sure that everything he recommends and shows to his clients has been previously tried by him personally so he knows what influence it will have on your body. Apart from training techniques he is a healthy diet specialist.

Our second consultant is Silver Seno. A personal trainer who will get you into shape. He has a successful career in bodybuilding and many years of hard training behind him. Currently, he trains his clients in distant Bangkok and is an enthusiastic promoter of new training techniques. He believes that every person can have a perfect and healthy body; the important thing is always the faith in own self and the intrinsic motivation.

Already in elementary school, Ing. Slavomir Skvarka was excellent in several sports like Karate, swimming and basketball, where he gained also several prestige awards. Later on, he started to be interested more in contact sports, to which he was devoted to also during the studies at high school. He has tried aikido, kickbox and professionally box. Since the high school, he has been dedicated to fitness and healthy lifestyle, what is also his priority today, as he helps others and tutors them, how to exercise effectively and safely in regards to particular health problems that he consults in details with experts in physiotherapy. He attended several courses, but he keeps studying, improving himself and gaining new information in the area of fitness in order to be able to help his clients in the most effective way.