Brief overview of methods to pay for your eating plan.

There are only two payment methods. Choose which suits you best.


PayPal/Credit card

The PayPal system is an electronic payment method. You can imagine the account in the system as a current account which can be directly connected to millions of internet shops worldwide and the transfer of money can be immediately processed from one account to another. We can say that on the Internet everyone has only one bank – PayPal.

The quick and safe payment for the eating plan by a payment card through the Internet. When paying by a credit or a debit card using the payment gate PayPal the order is considered paid just after the transaction termination. All the details such as 16-digit card number, date of expiration and the CVC/CVV code can be found on the card. You do not have to worry, the transfer of information is encrypted and thus completely safe. It is not necessary to open an account with PayPal.


Credit card/Debit card

Credit cards are one of the most common and popular ways for consumers to make online purchases. It enables millions of users around the world to make purchases using branded credit cards. The following multinational financial corporations are supported:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GPay (Google Pay)

In case of any problems with the payment, please, contact us using the Contact Form: Support.